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 Welcome to GIS Services & GeoHEALTH Platform Information Page

GeoHEALTH ( is ASPR’s secure Geographic Information System (GIS) based, electronic, interactive mapping application. This application incorporates information from numerous sources both internal and external to HHS. It includes other federal and public agencies such as (NOAA, USGS as well as other NGOs) into a single visual environment for enhanced situational awareness, assessment, and management of resources for planning, response to natural, man-made or pandemic events. This system supports functions such as policy analysis, planning, course of action comparison, incident management, and training. It supports the needs of decision makers at various levels within HHS and other federal agencies to provide enhanced situational awareness at a level of granularity needed for all responders including regional emergency coordinators and teams in the field. It is also able to display and provide details on medical care sites, resources and mobilization points and provide analytical tools for planning and preparedness efforts. During a large event such as an improvised explosive device (IED) or hurricane, there is the need to immediately determine medical care sites, resources and mobilization points and modify information as it becomes available and changes. Rapidly changing conditions and the potential need for a large regional or national response requires extensive pre-planning and a highly flexible system as well as the ability for data from the field to seamlessly get to aid in leadership physically removed from the scene to aid in the planning of the event’s response.


GeoHEALTH is able to display many different datasets and information feeds including local data feeds to help all involved work with a more complete aggregation of data, thus allowing for more coordinated decision making and response. With the dynamic nature of the GeoHEALTH Platform, individual users are able to define and incorporate the data layers that they need for a specific event or need. Accounts to access GeoHEALTH are created on an individual basis (no group access accounts will be generated). Each user account will be associated with one or group. Layer access is based on the user’s group access and ownership/access of the data. Therefore, there will be data layers and functions available to some users and not others. This permits secure Law Enforcement Sensitive data and FOUO data that is restricted to be viewed in the GeoHEALTH Platform by the appropriate persons. State and Local health departments as well as emergency management agencies, may apply for accounts.

 Access to the GeoHEALTH Platform

Requesting Restricted Data Access to GeoHEALTH Platform

Accounts are NOT required to access the open/publicly available data are not required, only those who require access to any restricted data or applications need to obtain an account. When requesting an account please note what types of data your are hoping to gain access to so we may evaluate your access request and assign you to the appropriate groups. Once your account request has been processed you will receive additional information on your account from the GeoHEALTH staff.

Examples of Groups 

The data access roles for GeoHEALTH accounts are listed below are some of the possible groups within GeoHEALTH and the users allowed access:

  • 2017 Events - All pf the data shared with this group pertains to the planned events that HHS and our ESF6 &ESF8 partners need to have access to in order to coordinate spatially
  • 2017 Incidents - All pf the data shared with this group pertains to the unplanned incidents that HHS and our ESF6 &ESF8 partners need to have access to in order to coordinate spatially
  • Exercise - Any maps needed for use during internal, federal or coordination with other are stored here
  • Featured Maps and Apps - Publicly available maps that are the focus of what HHS is doing are placed in this area
  • HHS Staff Only - Maps and data that are restricted to use of just HHS staff is stored here. There are many other department and division groups that are only visible to those who are members. If you need access to data you can't find or are not allowed based on a link supplied please let the GeoHEALTH staff know.
  • HIFLD Open & Secure - These groups are created to allow the correct users into the appropriate data. This data is owned and mainatind by DHS and access to this data is determined by the license agreement between DHS & HHS
  • Natural Hazards - This is the location where the GeoHEALTH staff create and maintain the templates for all natural disasters we may have a need to use
  • State Coordination - As we continue to coordinate with our state partners we use specialized locations such as this to share maps and applications with states who have partnered with us



​Requesting restricted access to GeoHEALTH

GeoHEALTH_Logos_FInal_Circle_HiRes.png GeoHEALTH Platform users

You are accessing a U.S. Government information system. GeoHEALTH Platform usage may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit. Unauthorized use is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties. Use of the GeoHEALTH Platform indicates consent to monitoring and recording.


Welcome to the Department of Health & Human Services situational awareness tool GeoHEALTH. The GeoHEALTH Platform was built to allow many users from Federal, State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Health departments as well as our Emergency Support partners and coordination liaisons access to as much data as possible all in one place and in a system that is easy to use. The data if at all possible is available without and account needed and only if the data is secured will a user need to get an account to gain access. If you do find or need data that does require a username and password please request an account.


To request an account please send an email to and include the following.

1.       Name
2.       Email address
3.       Job Title (signature block is fine)
4.       Reason for requesting restricted data access and what type of data are you hoping to view (i.e. hospitals, infrastructure, weather or deployed assets).

To have your password reset please send an e-mail request to and we will walk you through the process.

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