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ASPR GIS News: ACTION: New account required for restricted data access within GeoHEALTH


ACTION: New account required for restricted data access within GeoHEALTH


‚ÄčYou may currently have access to restricted data in GeoHEALTH. The GIS Branch is working to finalize a comprehensive data migration and as part of this process, and based on substantial user feedback, we are revising the process for accessing restricted data. Going forward, all users wishing to access restricted data will need to have a full GeoHEALTH account (as opposed to just a restricted data account). As such, if you want to keep your access to restricted data, this will require a new account request; please send an email to and include the following information:  

1.       Name
2.       Email address
3.       Job Title
4.       Reason for requesting restricted data access and what type of data are you hoping to view (i.e. hospitals, infrastructure, weather or deployed assets).                                
You will receive 2 emails: one email with a username and a follow on email with a temporary password. You will also be provided with directions on how to reset your password to one you can manage. Access to restricted data through your current account will expire on June 12th, and you  will no longer have access to any restricted data within GeoHEALTH until you submit a new account request as outlined above.  
GeoHEALTH users who did not have a restricted data account (public and those not requiring access to restricted data) can still use GeoHEALTH and access all publically available data, however they will not be able to sign in to the platform, or view data that is restricted.
We look forward to receiving your new account request and are standing by for any questions you may have on this process.




Created at 5/23/2017 11:11 AM by Shankman, Rob (OS/ASPR/OEM)
Last modified at 5/23/2017 11:11 AM by Shankman, Rob (OS/ASPR/OEM)