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GeoHEALTH - Frequently Asked Questions


How to request a GeoHEALTH Platform account

Restricted Data Access

Restricted Application Access

How to load restricted data or maps

How to request a GeoHEALTH Platform account
The process for requesting GeoHEALTH Platform (GHP) account is simple, please send a request to Once your request is received we will determine what group(s) you should be placed in which determine access to data maps and applications. Your account information (username and password will be sent via email). If you are not approved, you will receive an email indicating this and the reason for denial in case there is any miscommunication.
Most of the data available from the GeoHEALTH Platform is either open source or available to all users. Therefore NO log-in is needed to view the data. There are some data layers and applications that do require a log in for either licensing or access based on use agreements. In these cases you will need to log into the GeoHEALTH Platform in order to find them and access them.
Most of the web maps available from the GeoHEALTH Platform are available to all users. Therefore NO log-in is required to open these data, web maps or applications. The ability to create custom maps is not restricted in any was, however the ability to same them is not available to all users. If you feel you need this capability please contact the GIS staff and we'll adress this request.


Can the symbols on the map be changed
If you are viewing data and need or want to change the symbology of a layer this functionality must be enabled and you must have the correct permissions to do this.
When will training be offered
Training is scheduled and posted on the GIS Portal ( If you are interested in scheduling training of the GeoHEALTH Platform please send an email to the support staff for GeoHEALTH and we will try to accommodate your request.
How do you change the display order of layers?
The option to change the display order is only available to users with a login that allows them access to the GeoHEALTH Platform. Access to the data warehouse allows users the ability to open and view the data but not to customize the map. If you have this type of account then you can use the drag and drop feature of the layer to re-order the layers if needed. To move the layer press and hold the mouse button on the left side of the layer name and the mouse should change to a 4-way arrow and allow you to drag the layer up and down with a dashed line displaying where the layer will be place once the mouse button is released. Without the proper access to the website the re-ordering of layers is not possible.

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Where is the tutorial/user document?
The documents that have all of the training materials and user document on how to navigate through the GeoHEALTH Portal is being created and when complete will be stored on the GIS Portal. Links will be placed on the page as appropriate when they are available.
How do I find data?
If there isn’t a web map on the HOME page that works for the user’s needs, then there might be a need to go to the Gallery to see what is available. While in the Gallery if you want to look for a particular type of data or named data layer or map, just use the search box. Type in the item you are looking for and if it exists it will appear in a list with a short description of the item. If one of these items is what you were looking for you can then select to add the item and it will be displayed in a map.
How do I add data to the map?
If you are viewing a map and determine that additional data is needed to enhance the functionality of the viewing experience, use the Modify Map link at the top right corner of the display. Once this link is selected you will be allowed to use the Add function on the left side of the display. With this button you are able to add data from our data warehouse, the web or a file. If you search for data within our data warehouse you have the option to search within the map area or not and by key word. If you area adding data from the web you’ll need to know the web address of the data layer. Data that is to be loaded from a file must be either a zipped shapefile (ZIP) with up to 1000 features in it, a comma, semi-colon, or tab delimited text file (CSV or TXT), or a GPS Exchange Format (GPX). CSV and TXT with addresses can have up to 250 features.
Can I save my map?
Users with Publisher access have the ability to save and share their maps. Sharing your map is allowed for all users, sharing your map creates a link to come back to this web map but does NOT save your map.
How do I create an export map
In order to export a map from the GeoHEALTH Platform you can only take a screen shot to keep the image. If there is a need for you to create exported data from these maps please let the GeoHEALTH staff know ( and they will try to help you either create the required product or provide this capability to you.
If you have been granted a GeoHEALTH access account you can use this to gain the additional functionality that the site allows. The Sign In link is in the top right corner of the application next to the search window.